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Signed Contract Remark Celebrity Look Alike Kid Count!
Alastair Mills Yes Aggghh, we're all going down, like on "Lost"!!!!! John Travolta in his aeroplane cockpit
Al Dumbleton Yes Bro's before Hoe's
Al Evans Yes I just got paid out by hillbilly jim (huck huck)
Amon Martin Yes


Andreas Michaelides Yes A win is a win, it doesn't matter if its an inch or a mile 2, Yiannis and theo
Andrew Brown Yes Its not pink, its Salmon. Mikey on the set of havoc, in his chair even 1
Andrew Dimock Yes I'm came second in a beauty competition (Andrew read this and didn't click on)
Andrew Moss Yes Mozzy, no, don't throw wood!!
Andrew Pederson Yes 30 second asian stress relief
Andrew Wilkins Yes I own 368 ties
Angus Yeates Yes Blame it on the rock n' roll

Sophie Yeates
Anna Mason Yes Al thinks I'm weird. Why doesn't Al like me................... 1
Anna Sinton Yes Minskies kicks ass
Anita Carey (nee Hack) Yes Wheki Rocks 1
Bassam Maghzal Yes Do you want yoghurt on that?
Bob Noonan Yes I hope there will be soup [Langly]
Bridget Tippen Yes What do you think of these my man (mummy!!!)
Carl Paton Yes V8 Ford 2 Amber Paton
Carol Howard-Williams Yes My middle name isn't Howard

Caroline Boorer Yes Who are these people?  
Carissa Bray Yes I like penguins 1

Charles Yang

Yes Charlie charl charles in the house!!!!
Chris Carter Yes Tru school player pimp
Chris Peddie Yes I was top in 3SM Science 1
Chris Rait Yes My mojo is on! 1, Tom Rait
Claire Sparks (nee Fussell) Yes There he is, behind the rock, lets go! 1, Harry Sparks
Claire Mckendry Yes The middle Claire family
Claire Slade Yes gidday mate part 2
Claire Whelen Yes I'll bring the cups of tea
Chris "CJ" Wright Yes Yeah mate, its not right, eh?
Damian Blogg Yes aka Sexy Damo
Daniel Byrne Yes I'm just going for a yard with Ruth
Dan Henderson Yes Pass me the bourbon
Dominic Wylie Yes  "Who will be bald"? 1, Foetus
Donald Giblin Yes You can't touch me Click here to find THE ROCK memorabilia @ eBay
Erin Polaschek Yes Who will have children?
Emi Piuila-Afitu Yes I need a yak, stef pass me something
Emma Stewart Yes I'm not quite sure who this is -eds
Emma Jeffs Yes big ups to my brother's homies
Graham Leonard Yes Where's the Mutha F***in` Mystery Machine?
Hamish Matheson Yes aka Handles  
Hamish Williams Yes 34...68...18....
Hamish Rhodes Yes click here
Hamish Rose Yes Sell sell sell....!  
Heather Baker (nee Bailey) Yes I'm making babies, Olivia Newton Baker and Dr. Who 4

Olivia baker,

Tom Baker

Jarrod Carson Yes She must be short, pretty, asian, and never go out anywhere
Jasmine Harris Yes Giles don't kill my cat urkel.jpg (42388 bytes)
Joely Holcroft Yes My first name is Theresa
Jonathan Guy Yes Welcome to the Johnny Cab
Julian Lai Yes I am the Dragon
Justin Blackburn Yes Very sexy ladies
Karim Lafdal Yes ninjin wa nagai desu ka?
Kate Mehrtens Yes If this shit is planet of the Mates, call me Marilyn Monkey-roe
Katrina Daish Yes Uncle travelling Kat 1
Kent Barnes Yes righto..... One speed, one price, out the door chewy

Kellie Davis

What the... I don't know anyone!!!!!! 2
Kris Giles Yes Cortina Forever  

Kristina Lee Yes If looks could kill, I'm a serial killer. 1
Kyriakos Michaelides Yes Eat my Shorts.   Caro Kyri and Selena 1, Maria Michaelides
Lauren Wallace (nee Cardno) Yes You are the strongest link! Hello! 2
Liz Hoskins Yes trivia nights rock  
Louisa Ingham (nee Macdonald) Yes How did I end up as a registered nurse when i graduated with a BA, wot the? 2


Louise Paton (nee Craythorne) Yes I dropped some drink in a protein sample 2, Amber Paton
Louise Holland Yes The curtains don't match the carpet
Megan Dendall Yes Oh shit!!!, I see ghosty people
Mary Blogg (nee Clay) Yes Mary J Blogg - debut album due August
Mark Lewis Yes I'm a professional surfer
Marie Ann Squire Yes I'm a professional uni student
Matt Maguire Yes I'm a professional musician  
Matt Hay Yes yeah!!!  
Matt Sturge Yes Fat chicks out
Melanie Holstein (nee Lindstrom) Yes Boys' high knows my guy
Melissa Carson (nee Yee) Yes Yee olde reunion
Mike Byrne Yes gidday mate part 3: The search for josh.  
Miles Turner Yes I rotate my teeth every 1000 miles.
Miriam Butler Yes  

Lets get Awesome

Monique Michaelides Yes Buy your drugs on sale!!! 2, Yiannis and Theo
Natalie Squatrito (nee Ranson) Yes Levin rocks!!!



Navin Ghose Yes Click here
Nick Wheeler Yes Will Matt
Maguire have a degree by the time we
My child is a Jack Wheeler
Nicola Michaelides Yes I know my lights are off??? 1, Maria Michaelides
Nigel Owen Yes What's up?
Neil Shelley Yes Don't jive me, Turkey.
Olivia Thomson Yes Bring it On!!!! 1
Paul Warner Yes Absolutely Brilliant, Huge Great


Peter Ensor I'm taking this bus all the way to Invercargill and NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME!! 1
Philippa Burke yes Listen, s****, we've been sitting here for half an hour, so it looks like I'll have to make the first move Lyonne as Jessica
Philippa Jopp It is so hot in Invercargill 1
Rebecca Wolridge(nee Bowers) Yes I have a sixteen year old son. 1

Marty McFly

Richard Quin Yes You ain't seen nothin' like the mighty quin
Richard Sparks Yes The young man looks to the future; the old man looks to the past........

1, Harry
Ruth Sharr (nee Butler) Miriam and
I are like the Hilton sisters: We're either at a party or getting ready to go to a party
jules and jamie oliver leaving church after marriage click for full phtotgraph 2

Mia Grace Sharr

Alex Sharr

Sascha O'Meara Sasquatch
Sam Foley Yes Don't go near my sister...
Sam Jeffs Yes www.keepyourclotheson.com
Sarah Ballinger Yes Doggy pubs
Sarah Struge Yes Strugue's shout for sleeping with slap sticks
Sarah Truesdale yes  comment vous ?
Sarah Morgan Hi
Scott Stringer yes Bean

Sarah Starkey

yes Sergeant Starkey to you!
Selena Robb Yes Selena has an ass that just won't quit from stef Later..
Selina Groufsky Yes ** ** *****

Shane Breckon


Where is planet Reebok?
Shantal Jones Oh yeah, in the house 1

Joshua Larsson

Simon Ingham Yes I forgot my vodka Never!!



(never say never)

(never say never again_

Stefan Watson Yes Al Dumbleton has a high faeces count, parts per million Its like millions of dirty luminous spheres
Tania Pocock Yes Little raver will be ready to rave!
Toni Meadows (nee Minogue)   Hi, I'm Toni, Howdy, Howdy, Howdy  
Zoe Quick   Better be quick  

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